Building the Foundation


OneSource Learning and Development Center was founded by Tonya Daye. The organization was initially designed to educate adolescents, teens and families on teen pregnancy, pregnancy prevention, reducing health disparities and risky behaviors, while providing supportive services, but expanded to capture youth earlier on, while working with parents.  Services now include programs from birth to 5, After-school & summer programs for K-12, high school drop-out intervention & Re-engagement, Workforce/ Career/Organizational development for disabled and non-disabled youth and individuals. 

Many of the services offered at OneSource Learning & Development Center stems from the love of being a parent and a desire to help children and families succeed. Tonya became a mother at the age of 19. After briefly utilizing WIC and Food Stamps, she opted not to re-certify to continue receiving services based off a conversation she had with her case manager who instructed her to leave her job and find a job that paid less and discouraged her from maintaining assets in her name.  From that moment, Tonya decided not only to continue to work, but she transferred to second shift and took advantage of overtime and she started to attend a community college during the day to provide for her daughter, while her grandmother and mother helped care for her daughter.  The road was not easy, she was involved in a physical, emotional and verbally abusive relationship, that she eventually walked away from.  Tonya believes given the proper tools, education, and an opportunity, you can create a sustainable future and live a fulfilled life by focusing-forward. 

Tonya is a Wife, Mother, Author, Certified Life & Career Coach, and Public Speaker. She has four children, two daughters and two sons, with one son receiving a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in kindergarten at the age of five. Based upon personal experience, she realized the importance of having access to various intervention services for youth early in life, that's affordable for families, while insuring inclusiveness of special needs children and the need to offer support and guidance to parents. She concentrates in working with both men and women of all ages to overcome hardships, difficulties, behaviors and patterns that would interfere with long-standing goals and to reach their fullest potential.