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Building the Foundation


OneSource Learning and Development Center was founded by Tonya Daye. The organization is designed to educate youths on pregnancy prevention, support teen mothers & fathers, general health knowledge, provide academic support, afterschool, summer camp and to prepare them for college and the workforce. 

Tonya became a mother when she was just 19.  She is married and a mother of four beautiful children.  After using WIC and Food Stamps for a few months, she decided that she would no longer obtain these services and opted not to re-certify based upon a conversation with a case manager who instructed her that unless she had no assets in her name or found a job that paid less, she would not qualify. 

Tonya made a choice to continue working and found a second shift job that paid more money and started to attend a community college during the day, working hard to provide for her daughter. Her desire to be self-sufficient and help educate others led Tonya to create OneSource. This organization gives Tonya the opportunity to work with youth and ensure families have access and are aware of the opportunities that exists. 

OneSource Learning & Development Center also provides services to children with a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).  Tonya's older son was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 5. She and her husband faced difficulty but was persistent with locating services to help their son be successful. Being a parent of a special needs child, she realized the need for various services to help him learn & grow. The barriers that they faced to provide adequate services for their son were attributed by the high rates charged by organizations, so she vowed to one day offer affordable services to help parents care for their children.  With this thought in mind, DiscoveryPlace was created for individuals, families & children with ASD and/or behavioral issues.   

OneSource’s programs works with children who are advanced and academically gifted and connects children with services to help them discover their fullest potential.  Her youngest son and older two daughters were participants in STEAM programs throughout school and Tonya wants to make sure that all children at every level of learning can achieve success.  It was because of access, Tonya's oldest daughter graduated with a Bachelors of Sciences in Zoology & Magna cum laude from N.C. State and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Microbiology.  Their younger daughter is pursuing a degree in Art & Design, while the two younger boys are in high school.

OneSource's programs work with everyone and offers services that educates individuals on how to build a sustainable future for themselves.