About Us


Teen Pregnancy, Pregnancy Prevention & Risky Behaviors

Our mission is to work in unison with organizations to help reduce sexually transmitted diseases/infections  (STD/STIs), risky behaviors and unplanned pregnancies among youth and adolescents.  We provide an evidence-based curriculum that ignites a teen's leadership potential by building strengths and honing social-emotional skills which is proven to bolster success later in life.   


Velocity Afterschool & Literacy Program and The DiscoveryPlace

The Velocity Afterschool program provides STEAM, Literacy, service learning & enrichment opportunities to youth in a Public/Private School setting throughout Georgia. 

DiscoveryPlace allow our team members to work with grades K-12.  Specifically, DiscoveryPlace works with homeschool, foster care, special needs,  behaviorally challenged and college students.   We work with studentstudents and their parents to create an individual plan.

Our aim is to engage traditional and non-traditional students in academic, enrichment opportunities, mentorship and health & wellness activities that foster self-confidence, determination, economic independence, social responsibility and a sense of community.


Workforce Development, Dropout Recovery & Re-engagement, GED, & Sustainability Program

OneSource Learning & Development Center supports economic development through its self-sufficiency program.  Our clients take advantage of interventions and access resources that will teach, educate and train them how to move from dependency to self sufficiency. We offer workforce development, financial courses, credit repair, GED wrap-around services, mentoring, goal-setting, job-identification/matching and many more resources.