About Us

Teen Pregnancy, Pregnancy Prevention & Risky Behaviors

Our mission is to continue to see a reduction in teen pregnancies globally by providing support services, ultrasound referrals, and STD/STIs education to help prevent teen and unplanned pregnancies and other risky behaviors among adolescents and young adults.  

Our clients have access to parenting, parent-child communication & interaction classes, goal setting & critical thinking, and life skills programs individually and in small group settings.  

Afterschool Velocity & DiscoveryPlace Program

The Afterschool program aims to engage traditional and non-traditional students in academic, enrichment opportunities, mentorship and health & wellness activities that foster self-confidence, determination, economic independence, social responsibility and a sense of community.

We work with elementary, middle, high school, homeschool and college students.  Our clientele base is diverse and offered to youth with a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and behavioral disorders, Academically & Intellectually Gifted and students who may have educational gaps and a difficult time in school.  We care for and work with each student to create an individual plan to help be successful. 

Economic Development & Sustainability Program

OneSource Learning & Development Center supports economic development through its self-sufficiency program.  Our clients take advantage of interventions and access resources that will teach, educate and train them how to move from dependency to self sufficiency. We offer workforce development, financial courses, credit repair, mentoring, goal-setting, parenting and many more resources.